Client: Barr Construction

Area: TK Maxx, Rugby

Requirement: Internal protection scaffold to store

Airwright Midland was asked to provide Barr Construction with an internal protection scaffold at TK Maxx, Rugby to enable roof replacement works. The scope of works were that the scaffold was to prevent the fall of materials into the store, to provide a visual screen during opening times for store patrons and to ensure that the scaffold “footprint” inside the store was to be kept to a minimum.

In partnership with Optima Design, Airwright Midland erected a traditional tube and fitting platform that provided a clear access of 18m over a total length dimension of 27m with a SWL of 0.75KN/m². This was achieved by utilising 450mm and 780mm alloy beams bridged between access towers (which were hoarded once erected) and hanger scaffolds connected to steel work above. Once the scaffold platform was boarded a polythene membrane was installed on top. All works were completed out of hours to guarantee that the store was not affected.