BBC News recently reported that 1400 Carillion apprentices are in limbo following the collapse of the Midlands based firm. Some staff have faced pay delays, and others are simply unclear about their future.

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) have been providing advice sessions to those affected, and are urging construction industry businesses to step up, step in, and support Carillion apprentices.

Here at Airwright Midland we pride ourselves on being more than just a scaffolding company and are proud to invest in the right people, and welcome Carillion apprentices to get in touch. We are currently seeking scaffolding apprentices and are able to offer some fantastic benefits including pay that increases at each stage of the apprenticeship, meaning that our apprentices don’t have to remain on the same salary for the entire programme – the pay increases as they learn!  This is clearly a huge benefit and demonstrates Airwright Midland’s commitment to training and development.

Our Apprenticeship roadmap sets out what our apprentices learn at each stage of the programme, and importantly shows our apprenticeship rates of pay at each stage. The programme allows the apprentice to gain technical knowledge and real practical experience, along with functional and personal skills, required for their immediate job and future career.

We are keen to offer Midlands-based people the opportunity to really kick start their career in the scaffolding industry, please do download our prospectus and roadmap.  We look forward to receiving applications throughout 2018.